The Falconer

Patrick McCarthy
Pat has been a part of the NWP since 2008. As a twenty year veteran of the classroom, when Pat reflects on his career, it is the years after the project that he is most proud. The Summer Institute transformed his view of teaching writing; afterwards, Pat discovered that he no longer doubted the impact that a single teacher could have on his students. Pat realized that it is possible to actually help students to become better writers.

Previously, Pat felt he could always teach students how to change a word or punctuate a sentence properly, but credits the Project work with realizing a teacher can actually build a writer from the ground up.

Now, six years later, Pat leads student workshops in and outside of school and is thankful and proud to be a part of the NWP.

Pat is currently an English and Creative Writing teacher, the English Department Chair at Central High School in Woodstock, VA, a Co-Director for Project Write and an adjunct for Lord Fairfax Community College.

Patrick McCarthy, Adviser

Nov 29, 2017
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