The Falconer

2017-2018 Staff

Jenna Deane

Staff Writer

Jenna Deane is a sophomore at Central High School. When she’s not investing hours into watching TV shows, she can be found spending time with friends, doing homework, and ranting about politics. She has participated in the sch...

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Hannah Dellinger

Staff Writer

Hannah Dellinger is a sophomore at Central High School. When she’s is not running, she is socializing with everyone. Hannah also enjoys watching Netflix, playing sports, and trying new things. On the days she doesn’t have ...

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Maxwell Hoover

Staff Writer

Maxwell Hoover is a freshman at Central High School that absolutely loves video games. His favorites include "Skyrim," "Borderlands" and "Age of Empires." He is way too interested in psychological examinations of movies, TV...

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Sasha Hoover

Staff Writer

Sasha Hoover is a junior at Central High School and is on the cross country and soccer team. She enjoys summertime, trying new things and going on adventures. Sasha doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, but one th...

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Ashley Jennelle

Staff Writer

Ashley Jennelle is a freshman at Central High School. On her free time she likes playing volleyball, singing and cheering! Ashley enjoys doing pageants, and one of her favorite parts is being able to wear a shiny top hat (a crow...

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Deziyre Lake-Tusing

Staff Writer

Deziyre Lake-Tusing is a senior at Central High School. She is a tennis player and violinist. Although she is shy at first, she truly does enjoy meeting new people, forming relationships with them and also growing with them. She...

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Bailey Lloyd

Staff Writer

Bailey Lloyd has lived in Woodstock for 15 years, and he is ready to leave this little town and explore other areas of the country. He lives with his mom and has no siblings. He does have a dog though. He is very interested w...

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Peyton McCarthy

Staff Writer

Peyton McCarthy is a freshman at Central High School. She enjoys singing, playing music, acting, drawing and writing poetry. She loves to laugh and is constantly quoting her favorite songs and movies. When she isn’t in school, you...

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Emily Miller

Staff Writer

Emily Miller is junior at Central High School. When she isn’t around her many pets, she can be found outside enjoying the breeze in her hair. She always does her best when it comes to school and is almost always trying to impr...

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Brenda Mozqueda

Staff Writer

Brenda Mozqueda is a senior at CHS. She enjoys listening to music, especially when she is working on something important. Another activity that she likes to do is go to the movie theater; she could spend all day in there. Brenda ...

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Mackenzie Oliff

Staff Writer

Mackenzie Oliff is a senior at Central High School. This is her second year writing for "The Falconer." She is hoping to attend VCU in the fall of 2018. She wants to pursue a career related to creative writing and art. She enjoys sin...

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Kassie Sawyer

Staff Writer

Kassie Sawyer is a sophomore at Central High. When she is not at the mall with her friends or at a nursing home volunteering, she writes as much as she can. While she doesn’t long to have a degree or career in writing, it’s a ...

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Jessi Sfarnas

Staff Writer

Jessi Sfarnas is in her sophomore year at Central High School and is a member of "The Falconer" for a second year. She is a part of the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance and participates in numerous music activities. When she is ...

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Anna Smith

Staff Writer

Anna Smith is a senior at Central High and a first year staff member of "The Falconer." She is currently in the process of applying to the five colleges she is interested in. She has not yet declared her major but is exploring the ...

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Madalyn Sortzi

Staff Writer

Madalyn Sortzi is a graduating junior at Central High school. After she graduates, she has already planned on becoming a veterinarian. She loves socializing, drawing and watching movies. Her favorite flowers are sunflowers. She is ...

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Nicolas Spickelmier

Staff Writer

Nicolas Spickelmier is a senior at Central High who considers himself decent at poetic, lyrical and fantasy story writing, as well as drawing, playing games, joking and singing, though you’ll never catch him trying to draw ...

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Hayley Wisman

Staff Writer

Hayley Wisman is a senior at Central High School where she participates in the technology club and writes for "The Falconer." Outside of school, she spends her time creating art, experimenting with technology, reading and atte...

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