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First Place

Lay Me Down Slowly

by Peyton McCarthy


I miss how the phone used to ring

How the floor sighed under gentle feet

And the cracks in the paint

Age lines really

Smiles of worn winters passing

I miss how days used to stay

The sun waiting for someone

Leisurely lingering for a glimpse at the moon

And the stars

A song of hope

Writhing through the streets

Oh how I miss the snow

The coolness of starting over

The softness of plush flakes

Purposely crafted

Spun from silver dew drops

Solidifying promises

If I look back

How will I see the spring

The bloom is tomorrow

And tomorrow

And tomorrow

But if I don’t look back

How will I know where to place my feet

Do I belong here



I miss certainty

The soft caress of safety

As I fall

Passing through space






Second Place 


by Gabi Fream 


Smoke floated through the branches

Rushing into my bloodstream, the same way you rush down New York sidewalks

My breath catching, during winter

Running for miles inside shoes out of style

Next year at this time the air will be thicker, sticking to your skin like a wet t-shirt

blue screams next to me, burning his lungs out

A candle that haunts me

Like how Noah left Allie, but he lived in her mind

time took form

in the devil, stealing all

Why must the worst thief look like an angel?

Prisoners pacing in a parade of panic

Run away

Escape the madness that consumes us

Before the flames lick at your feet, then burn you numb






Third Place

Snow Days

by Renee Ridgely 


Snow falls to the ground

The cold crisp breeze

Blows through my hair

Whistling to me the sweet toon

The mask of dew frozen

To the tiny blades of grass

The smile of the frozen man

Along the streets copied along the yards of children

They run balls of ice stuck in their gloved hands

Little white specks over their covered heads.

The giggles filling the air.

The bus remains frozen in place.

The children frolic and play

The white flakes flying.

The red sleds slide down the hill.

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