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From glass to sand

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The coming of age poem “From Glass to Sand” by Kaitlyn Bullock stands out for its accessibility. We have all had this feeling of nostalgia that Bullock so nicely illustrates. She speaks universally by using language and references that are familiar to many, such as her imaginary friend April. The repetitive use of nature components like snow, fire, the act of melting, etc. is also effective, as it helps guide the audience through her poem. Bullock takes a concrete idea and displays it in a simple and relatable way without it seeming unoriginal.

From Glass to Sand

by Kaitlyn Bullock

When the cold brushed your cheek for the first time

You were eleven

And your mother told you you were too old for an imaginary friend

So, you said your goodbyes to April and forgot her

When the snow first covered the ground

You were thirteen

And your grandfather made an insensitive comment about your weight

From glass to sand, you hid away

When the earth first turned white

You were seventeen

And your whole world was no longer about how much you gave but

How much was taken

And when the earth melted

You were twenty one

And the fire blazed

And the fever gripped 

Pretending at twenty five

Had become more normal than expected and a vagabond existence

Painted the sheer walls

And the world as you knew it was no more.

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From glass to sand