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Teen jobs

Maxwell Hoover, Staff Writer

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Most high school students want a job or at least money. Getting a job will be easier for some than others due to age, experience and charisma. Some jobs are impossible to get for people of certain ages, but there are definitely things you must think about before you look for a job.

A good thing to know is what you personally can and can’t do. If you’re under 14 then no jobs for you because no matter what state you live in you cannot officially have a job. You can do personal work for people, but no jobs like being a cashier or waiter. If you’re younger than 16 then you might not want to bother with a job unless you have to. At that age, you can only work a set amount of hours. On school days, you can only work 3 hours and 18 hours in total on school weeks. However, on weeks with no school, you can work 40 total hours and 8 hours per day. You can’t work during school (unless there are special circumstances) and it must be between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. You must be given 30 minute break periods for every 5 consecutive hours of work. This makes employers less likely to hire you because they have to meet more restrictions. If you’re 16 or older there are fewer restrictions. The only big restriction is that some jobs are considered too dangerous for minors and you’ll have to check if the job you want is one of these jobs.

Do you have any special traits or interests? If you’re a people person, look into being a cashier or waiter. Cashiers make about $8-10 per hour and waiters make less, but get tips. Some people are really into a sport and they might want to be a referee, or if you’re into swimming, be a lifeguard. In most cases, referees cannot officiate games where the age group is older or the same age as them, but being a referee is a good job. Referees make $20-50 per game depending on the age group and the job is consistent and doesn’t take much time out of your week. Being a lifeguard makes $8-9 per hour and there isn’t as much interaction with customers as being a waiter or cashier, and the hours tend to be consistent. If there is something like computers or technology that you’re really into, google jobs in that field on websites like Snagajob, Indeed and Monster. If none of those interest you, just ask around. If you go to church or are part of a club or other social group, someone there probably can get you a job or knows someone who can get you a job. Whether that job is yard work or doing IT stuff for people who don’t understand computers.

Now with your new knowledge, go get a job, make your parents proud and best of all, make money.

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Teen jobs