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Poetry and perfect attendance

Mackenzie Oliff, Staff Writer

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With the start of the new school year pushing on at full speed, some students are having a hard time adjusting to the early beginning. One way we learn to cope with the exhaustion that this newness brings is devoting our time and energy to the things we are passionate about, the things that we care about.

In the 2016-2017 school year, Patrick McCarthy, specializing in English and creative writing, decided to dual enroll a creative writing class for students in our school who wanted to improve their writing skills and share their poetry with fellow students.  

This year, no one really knew what to expect, seeing as all of the students from last year were seniors. This group is mostly students that have been in McCarthy’s English class before, however the curriculum is undeniably different this time, regarding poetry.

“The Falconer” went behind the poetry and interviewed some of the students about their reasons behind taking the class this year.

First we interviewed Anna Smith, a current senior at Central. When asked why she wanted to take creative writing, Smith replied, “It came highly recommended by my friends and Mr. McCarthy. I have taken classes with him in the past, so I was interested to see how this one would differ.”

Smith continued with her feelings regarding the class so far, “I love it. It is a great class to start the school day with. I am positive that this class will help me improve my poetry writing skills. With the feedback that I’ve gotten so far, I’ve been able to approach my writing from different directions already.”

One of the main problems with this type of class is that not a lot of students are lining up to take it. Smith commented on how we could better promote the class in the future. “Word of mouth is how most things get promoted around here,” Smith said. “We could prepare a short blurb for the announcements. We could also make fliers and put them around the building, especially near the English classrooms. Those who tend to prefer English over science or math would most likely enjoy this class.”

Most students who have taken an English class know that in order to receive effective feedback, you have to be willing to put yourself and your work out there. Smith spoke briefly about students who think that their work is not worth sharing.

“You’re thinking wrong,” Smith said. “I struggle with the same thing all the time, but I have to remind myself that poetry is one of the best ways to accurately ‘speak’ your feelings. And everyone needs someone to pour out their feelings to.”

When asked if Smith would recommend this class to underclassmen, she replied, “I would recommend it as long as they have some kind of interest in writing poetry, even if it is just a little bit. It is a fantastic way to get real and immediate feedback. Be willing to work on your creativity and have an open mind.”


Deluged by Anna Smith

Today I let the rain soak through my shirt

And was unharmed.

They keep wanting to close the heavy drapes that surround me

At first all I could see were fields

And plants the colors of nectarines as ripe as can be

My ears feel the vibration of a plane taking off

Rough and so unsettling.

By tomorrow

One more drape will

Be unwound and

Fall inward

Its corners sewing themselves shut

I am not sure who will let them fall

My mother

My friend

My grandfather. . .

As I watch the cloth do its work

My lips are spellbound



The stitches pulled tight

Why can’t I speak?

What happened to those faces

Who saw me watching the fields?

Today I let the rain soak my shirt

And was unharmed.

But when will this plane ever steadily soar?

When will it become so dark

I cannot see?

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Poetry and perfect attendance