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Megan Soliday, Staff Writer

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When it comes to art, Liam Shell goes above and beyond all expectations. He is a junior at Central but has been doing artwork for as long as he can remember. Shell mainly enjoys working with ink instead of other mediums. When asked about what influenced him to pursue art, Shell said that it was his father who first inspired him. “I’ve always enjoyed doing it, and my father was who got me interested,” Shell said. “He’s an artist, and he was always drawing so I was influenced by him.”

Shell doesn’t get his inspiration from any famous artists, instead he uses his imagination and other things to come up with ideas for his next piece. “Usually novelty/fantasy type aspects, [but] not anything real,” Shell said. This style is what makes Shell’s pieces so unique. He has done a lot of artwork in his life, so choosing a favorite is definitely a struggle. “I’ve done some nice paintings that I like a lot, but not a favorite,” Shell said, which is understandable considering the amount of pieces he has created.

Shell is also interested in pursuing art as a career for the future. “Either two-dimensional animation or costume creation,” he said talking about what intrigues him the most in art. He has been studying in Ms. Kathy Dill’s class since freshman year which has continued to help him improve his skills.

Dill has only good things to say when it comes to Shell. “[He is] extremely creative and [he] has the ability to work on his own without having me push [him],” Dill said. When first asked who stood out the most in her class, Dill was quick to point out Shell, along with quite a few other art students who raved about his work and attitude in class. Overall, Shell has stood out as an extremely talented young artist who works hard and accomplishes most everything he puts his mind to.

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The artist is present