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Dear Festive Freshman,

Jadi Wright, Staff Writer

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You know when it starts to get bitterly cold and joyful music is playing everywhere you go, and it constantly smells like pine and gingerbread? Ah yes. Must be Christmas.

Here are a few tips to help make your Christmas season the best it can be:

Go caroling. Sing some Christmas songs. You’re not too cool for it. I promise.

Bake the cookies. Eat the cookies.

Play in the snow, you’re never too old for it.

Wear those jingle bell socks and ugly Christmas sweaters. Own it.

Seriously. The calories don’t count in December. Just eat it.

Relax. Take a break. Celebrate. You deserve a great end to the year.

If there’s any time to let the stress go, it’s right now. Put it off until January.

Spend time with your family. Near or far, wherever they are, talk to them. I promise you’ll regret it later if you don’t.

Say thank you. Your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your teacher, the checkout lady, youth leaders, God, whoever it may be. Express gratitude.

Christmas time is a unique opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. No matter how commercialized Christmas has become, remember the true meaning of it. Consider why you’re wrapping presents and hanging stockings. Do you truly know the purpose of the season? The ribbons and bows don’t mean anything if you don’t know the man behind the season. (Hint, it’s not Santa Claus.)

Freshman, don’t let society tell you how to celebrate. If we allow the tinsel and candy canes to interrupt the spirit of Christmas, we’ve missed the true joy of the holiday season.

A celebrating senior

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Dear Festive Freshman,