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Central High School Spreads Holiday Cheer

Mikayla Helsley and Mackenzie Oliff

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Students of Central High School want to promote holiday spirit this year in December. However, as much as
some students want to celebrate, some people have their own opinions and statements about this upcoming holiday,

The Falconer interviewed assistant principal Mr. Johnston, and he answered the question as to why we don’t
celebrate this holiday in our school system. “Since schools are secular, we can’t promote one religion, but if a teacher,
in their room, wants to have a Christmas tree, they are allowed to have that.” He added that he doesn’t think the
school will ever decorate for Christmas, considering the outcome of personal opinions from some students who
may not celebrate the holiday.

The Falconer then interviewed someone who is always filled with extra holiday cheer this time of year, Kathy Dill,
the art teacher at Central High School. “For one thing, the fire marshal makes decorating almost impossible,”
said Dill. “For example, things can’t be attached from the ceiling, trees and displays have to be at least 18 inches from
the ceiling, and flame resistant. I think a lot of the time, the rights of a few people end up dictating the rights of
many. So many times, people’s preferences are taken away because one person or a few people don’t like what they’re
promoting. It would be nice, but, as a school, we legally can’t endorse one religion over another.” When asked how
she would feel about students decorating the school for the season instead of the holiday, Dill replied, “Winter is a
different thing, you might be able to do that if it doesn’t violate the fire rules. You could hang snowflakes, just as long
as they are within the fire marshal’s guidelines.”

The Falconer also thought it was appropriate to interview at least one student, asking what their opinion is on
decorating the school for the holiday season. Layla Baker, a junior, spoke briefly about celebrating the holiday.
“I think that we should definitely do it, because it makes people happy and excited to come to school,” said Baker.
Lastly, The Falconer interviewed Tripp Ennis, Central’s librarian. He spoke similarly to Mr. Johnston. “I don’t
think we should be able to decorate for Christmas, seeing as it’s a religious holiday,” said Ennis. “I don’t see a problem
with decorating for winter, with snowflakes and lights. I think there’s a fine line between celebrating the season and
celebrating the religious holiday. We have a tradition in the library where we make a Christmas tree out of books. We
also do a book fireplace, which is pretty cool.” When Ennis was informed that teachers are allowed to decorate however
they want in their individual rooms, he said, “[Students] are welcome to decorate in here. Lights, trees, snowflakes. I
have no problem with any of that.”

Some of The Falconer’s staff will be asking the students in Art Club to make snowflakes and other decorations for
the library to put up and spread some extra holiday cheer. We are exhilarated to start decorating for this event for all
of the students and staff to bask in and enjoy the electrifying holiday spirit.

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Central High School Spreads Holiday Cheer