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Dear Freshman: College Readiness

Jadi Wright, Staff Writer

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Dear Freshman,

I think you probably know by now; high school is a hard road. But it’s no secret that what comes after is harder. It’s scary. It’s unknown. It’s a long road with no end in sight. However, if you start preparing now, the process will be a lot easier. Let me share with you a few things to keep in mind during your high school career.


As much as we hate to admit it, grades are important to further your education. If you want to get to a university or college, you’ll need to work hard for the grades. Sometimes bad grades will happen; that’s just part of life. You’ll be sick when you have to take a test, and it won’t go well. You’ll struggle with a certain unit, and you won’t always understand everything the teacher is saying.


Most colleges like to see that you are a well-rounded student, which means you have the grades and you are involved in school and community activities. This includes sports, clubs, student council, jobs, service, community activities, religious activities, and more. Get involved in the things you’re interested in, and make sure you’re enjoying every moment of it.

Social Life

Let’s be honest; if you don’t have some kind of social aspect, high school will be even harder than it needs to be. Take the time to do things with your family and friends. I promise it will help ease the stress of the rest of it.

Mental Health

Your physical and mental health are very important. The quality of the sleep you get and

the food you eat are critical to your academic capabilities.  Sometimes things are going to happen that make it hard to do even the simplest things. If the hardest thing you do every day is get out of bed, then give yourself a round of applause or throw a parade. Take joy in the little successes. If it’s hard for you, then it’s a hard thing. Don’t belittle what you’re capable of. Remember that your state of mind is as important as your resume, transcript, and report card. If you start to feel discouraged, overwhelmed, or sad, talk to someone you trust. Reach out, get some help. Your health, in all aspects, needs to be good for you to fulfill your potential.


It’s all about balance. You need good grades as much as you need extracurriculars. You need to take time for yourself and make memories the same way you need to finish your homework on time. It’s an art to have a perfectly balanced life, and it’s a hard skill to master.

Remember that education is a long road. But I promise it’s worth it.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela


A senior who understands how windy the road can be

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