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Pep Rally Making Up for Lost Time

Mikayla Helsley, Staff Writer

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On November 11, Central High School will be having a pep rally before the game Friday night. Central will be playing against Bluestone for the regional playoffs. A good number of students requested to have a pep rally, since the last one got cancelled. Now that the pep rally is really happening, everyone is excited to see what will come of it.

Some students were wondering about the schedule for the day of the pep rally. “There will not be a club day schedule,” says principal Missy Hensley. “It will be replaced into a pep rally schedule, which causes the class periods to be shortened, so it makes us unable to do club,” Ms.Hensley said. She also noted that a lot of students requested this pep rally to make up for the loss of the homecoming pep rally.

Gym teacher Mrs.Burner said there will be some great activities going on for this pep rally. “This pep rally isn’t going to be as long as the homecoming pep rally would be, because we’ve taken away some of the competitions,” Burner said. “Some of the activities will still have the football player-teacher- tug of war. We’ll also be introducing our seniors for the teams and the football players.”

Burner also mentioned a fun game that all of the students may be excited for, called “Teacher Face Sundae Relay,” which may be embarrassing for the teachers. She also added that there will be other surprises in store, but overall it’s to get everyone pumped up and ready for the game Friday night.

Some seniors, like Bree Pifer, are excited for this rally, considering they didn’t get to experience it on homecoming week.“I’m glad we’re having another pep rally, since the last one got cancelled, but I just feel like it won’t be the same,” Pifer said. “Everyone was really excited for it at first, but it isn’t homecoming week.” She mentions that this pep rally won’t have the same meaning. Even though it’s for the playoff game, she feels as if students won’t be as excited about it as they would’ve been for homecoming week.

Even some freshmen at Central High School have the same feelings as the seniors. “I don’t really know what pep rallies are like, considering the one this Friday will be the first one I’ve been to,” Jessie Sfarnas, a freshman, said.“I have a feeling some people won’t be as excited about it, because I haven’t heard a lot about this game compared to all of the past games.” Sfarnas also says she’s still excited for this pep rally, because it’s a time where everyone can let loose and have fun.

Overall, this pep rally is making up for lost time that students wish they had back, especially the seniors. Hopefully the seniors will make the most of this moment, along with all of the other grades, and take in this experience to the highest extent. These moments don’t last forever, so have fun and enjoy the beats and bangs of this exhilarating pep rally!

We will be running the following scheduling on Friday for the pep rally:

Block 1         8:15-9:25

Block 2         9:29-10:39

Falcon Ret.   10:43-10:45

Lunch 1        10:45-11:10

Lunch 2        11:10-11:35

Block 3         11:40-12:55

Block 4         12:59-2:14

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Pep Rally Making Up for Lost Time