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Dear Freshman

Jadi Wright, Staff Writer

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Dear Freshman,

We all have mountains. Maybe for you those are tests or competitions. Maybe it’s smaller things, like homework assignments or having the energy to go to school. I get it.

I used to say, “As soon as this test has passed, I’ll be less stressed.”

Or, “As soon as this day is over, it’ll be okay.”

Totally false.

There will always be something hard in your life. Although it might not be hard for everyone, don’t belittle that it’s hard for you. That’s okay.

These things are inevitable. No matter what path you choose, there will be obstacles. There will be deadlines. You will be overwhelmed from time to time. Stress is a universal struggle. No one has life completely under control 100% of the time. Everyone gets worried, anxious, overwhelmed.

It’s a harsh reality, yeah? Well, I have some good news. Life is still amazing. It’s still full of hope and light, even when it feels like the world is on your shoulders.

If you want to love life, you have to love everything that comes with it. Life is about the trials, the pain, the stress. That’s half of the journey. The other half is light. It’s joy and happiness, the easy part to love. In order to love life, you have to love the struggle.

So, turn on some calming music.

Read your favorite book.

Find comfort in your faith, whatever that means for you.

When disaster strikes, let the hope in. When the stress seems like too much, take a deep breath. When the worries and the sadness are overbearing, turn to people who love you. If the light is nowhere in sight, maybe you’re looking in the wrong places.

Just take a deep breath and remember who you are.


A senior with plenty of her own mountains

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Dear Freshman