The Falconer

2016-2017 Staff

Cheyenne Stevens


Cheyenne Stevens, a senior, is looking forward to her senior year. After graduation, she plans to attend LFCC to earn her business degree in administration. She is involved in the Central Marching Falcons and CHS Color Guard as ...

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Maynard Vann

Staff Writer

Maynard Vann is a senior who keeps to himself a lot. He likes to read and play video games but also likes messing with people’s heads. In his spare time, he will take long walks in his room, play guitar, and even write a story ...

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Mary Payne

Staff Writer

Mary Payne is a freshman at Central High School. Her interests include, dancing classical ballet, watching Netflix and Hulu, hanging out with her best friends (Abi Dublo and Jessi Sfarnas, who are also a part of The Falconer), c...

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Samantha Collings

Staff Writer

Samantha Collings is a senior at Central High School who has a passion for traveling, music, and writing. With experience in the music industry on stage and behind the scenes, she aspires to study music education and journalism ...

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Billie Smith

Staff Writer

Billie is a freshman of the class 2020. She loves writing stories in her notebook in her free time and loves hearing stories about the lives of others. Her favorite author is Sarah Dessen, because of the amazing hook involved in...

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Jadi Wright

Staff Writer

Jadi Wright is a senior at Central High. She is senior class vice president and loves participating in school activities. She’s also vice president of the Teen Advisory Board and is a member of the Teenage Republican club. Sh...

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Taylor Cooper

Staff Writer

Taylor Cooper is a senior aiming to get a degree in writing in the future. She is part of the school choir and enjoys writing and reading outside of school. She favors the app Wattpad and her favorite book series is Harry Potter. Sh...

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Mackenzie Oliff

Staff Writer

Mackenzie Oliff is a junior at Central High School. She is a staff writer of The Falconer. Her hobbies and interests include: poetry, music, art, singing, Netflix, and being with her family. She enjoys meeting new people, and is alwa...

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Skylar Grear

Staff Writer

Skylar Grear is a junior at Central High School. She is a staff writer for the school newspaper, The Falconer. She is very dedicated to her school work and spends most of her time doing homework and studying. Her most prized posses...

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Jordan Hall

Staff Writer

When she’s not sleeping, Jordan Hall diligently writes for The Falconer. Central High School is a drag for her but Journalism class is the light at the end of the tunnel (even though she has it first block). As a junior in ...

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Stephen French

Staff Writer

Stephen is a senior at Central High School and a staffer at The Falconer. When he’s not putting off life’s responsibilities, he’s running his freelance photography/videography company and trying to pursue a career in film...

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Zachary Stewart

Staff Writer

Zachary Stewart, a senior at CHS, is a staffer for The Falconer and is most proud of his procrastination skills. When he’s not doing that, he can be found taking photos, working on his house, or writing. During school, he parti...

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Mikayla Helsley

Staff Writer

Mikayla Helsley is a Sophomore at Central High School. She strives to make good grades, and tries her best at everything she does. She loves writing, painting, socializing with people, and helping others. She enjoys to read when...

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Bree Pifer

Staff Writer

Bree Pifer is a senior at Central High. She enjoys being active and plays on the volleyball and basketball team. She is a member of FCCLA. Her favorite color is purple and she loves anything sparkly. Bree loves being happy, hanging...

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Megan Soliday

Staff Writer

Megan Soliday is a sophomore at Central High. She plays on the varsity volleyball team, but is looking forward to joining other sports in the future. Megan loves to spend time with her family and friends, and enjoys participati...

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Abi Dublo

Staff Writer

Abi Dublo is a senior at Central High School. She is often found performing on stage and trying to make an audience laugh. Active in both her school and community theatre, she not only is an actor, but she works backstage for mul...

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Jessi Sfarnas

Staff Writer

Jessi Sfarnas is a freshman at Central High School. Her hobbies include reading, being lazy, sleeping, and living life being consumed by watching Netflix and doing homework. The book series that she could read over and over ag...

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Patrick McCarthy


Pat has been a part of the NWP since 2008. As a twenty year veteran of the classroom, when Pat reflects on his career, it is the years after the project that he is most proud. The Summer Institute transformed his view of teaching...

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